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When we reviewed the pass up statistics  from September 2013 and learned that there were over 561 separate incidences impacting over 14700 users, the coalition members commissioned a video project to bring attention  to the pass up issue and how it is impacting students.

The other issue our coalition would like to bring attention to is the issue of service hours. Before the commission looks decides on fare increases or property tax increases, the existing service model needs to be looked at. This includes looking at “extreme deadheading”. 46 pieces of work have over 5500 services hours of extreme deadheading, which is sending buses from the Langford Transit Centre to Swartz Bay, UVic and the Legislature to start shifts when at the same time buses from the Victoria Transit Centre are being sent to the Langford Exchange and Western Exchange. 200 services hours also get used when BC Transit continues to run public school trips during Christmas break, spring break and Pro-D Days. Thousands of service hours are being misused and service for students and the community could be improved if these systemic changes were made.


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