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Site Documentation (Root Page)

This page contains documentation on site maintenance, including links to other hidden documentation pages.

The page is hidden when the site is live, and under "News/Media" when in development.

Colours and Hyperlinks

Where practical and possible, colours and styles have been taken from Unifor's Identity Guidelines.

  • Hyperlinks are underscored and are Unifor red in colour (dark red, #8B000).

  • Phone numbers are hyperlinks, but with no highlighting.

  • Colours for Sidebar Menus are explained in the documentation page for Sidebar SubMenus (see below).

Page Names

All pages are programmatically named (the "URL slug" as WIX calls it).  For the unit subpages, the slugs all start with one of the following prefixes:

  • "BCT-" - for pages related to both BC Transit Units (Operators and Maintenance).

  • "BCTO-" - for pages related specifically to BC Transit Operators.

  • "BCTM-" - for pages related specifically to BC Transit Maintenance.

  • "MEDI-" - for MediVan pages.

  • "VDART-" - for MediVan Victoria

  • "DDART-" - for MediVan Duncan

Paragraph Styles

Format for ALL headings and paragraphs is managed through the use of WIX "Themes" (very similar to the concept of paragraph "Styles" used on word processors like MS-Word).  This helps in two significant ways:

  1. Ensures consistent presentation throughout the site.

  2. If a change is desired (for example, wants to move to a new font, or changing the size of page headings), the change is a simple matter of updating the appropriate theme(s) in the theme library.  One change will update all uses of that theme through the site.

For more information, including instructions on where to use each theme, see:  DOCS-ParagraphThemes

Sidebar SubMenus

SubMenus for the different units of the local have been developed using embedded HTML code.  While a little more complicated to maintain when it comes to adding/removing subpages, this style of menu presents to the end user much better than by using a simple text box with standard links.  For more information, see:  DOCS-SidebarMenus.

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