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Arbitration Award Reached in Unifor Local 111’s Vaccination Policy Grievance

Local 111 submitted a policy grievance on the basis that maintaining the vaccination policy was no longer justified when the requirement to provide proof of vaccination to enter businesses and the masking mandate were lifted by the Provincial Health Officer. Coast Mountain Bus Company (the Employer) reasoned that the policy is still valid as it is an engineered control in place to reduce the transmission and minimize the health effects of COVID-19. An engineered control is one of the hierarchy of controls established in the health and safety framework recognized by WorkSafe BC. Both agreed to expedite the matter in arbitration.

On September 19, 2022, an award was issued in regard to the Vaccination Policy Grievance filed by Unifor Local 111 with the Coast Mountain Bus Company. While the arbitrator recognized the seriousness of the impact the policy has on the unvaccinated members, the end award was the dismissal of the Grievance. Their findings were based on the recognition of the Provincial Health Office as a proper authority on the matter of the risks associated with infection, hospitalization, and death related to COVID-19 and the Employer’s duty to mitigate health and safety hazards in the workplace.

For more detailed information please go to the arbitration award below.

Award.September 19 2022. CMBC and Unifor L111 (Vaccination Policy Grievance)
Download PDF • 240KB

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