APTA Winners

Congratulations to Les Patterson, Mike Garford and Dan Perry winners of  the 2014 Vapor Door System Event at the APTA Roadeo.

International Bus Roadeo

The International Bus Roadeo is a unique learning opportunity for operators and maintenance teams to engage with other transit agency professionals up close and personal. The Roadeo is more than a competition of driving skills and maintenance disciplines; it is a training and networking opportunity for all attendees. There are multiple training sessions for operators, maintenance teams and supervisors as part of the Bus & Paratransit Conference. Thirty-two maintenance teams will show their vehicle maintenance skills. The Mechanic Competition requires skills in the identification of defects in engine, transmission, brakes, multiplex and HVAC modules.

Vapour Door Event Winners 2014

Vapor Door System Event

The competition will be conducted on a fully operational, half-height bus door system mockup.  The team will be allotted seven (7) minutes to inspect, locate, identify and legibly record the planted defects.  The competition will consist of seven (7) planted defects.